What Does Graphene Mean to Our Future?

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Real Graphene is proud to be a pioneer in the graphene battery world. We’ve created a superfast charging battery that lasts longer than any typical phone charging battery on the market. What graphene is doing for phone battery charging is nothing short of revolutionary. But graphene has a lot more up its sleeve than just a phone battery charging application. What’s the most exciting part about graphene technology? All of the possibilities to come.

The Future of Graphene Batteries

At Real Graphene, we are already in talks with many industry partners to provide batteries. In fact, we’ve already built them and testing is underway. You can take a look at our power lunch with Microsoft President, Brad Smith, here.

We are currently working on making graphene batteries for everything from smart-watches to battery-powered golf carts.

According to our CEO Samuel Gong, “We’ll be seeing graphene batteries in actual big brand devices within a year. Not in every single device, but trickling down from the higher end first. People think graphene is a thing of the future. But I’m here to correct them. It’s here, now.”

What about other companies that claim to already be producing graphene batteries? The truth is most of these companies are actually using graphite, graphene’s third dimensional cousin. Graphene is two dimensional. What this means is the batteries using graphite don’t have any of the benefits offered by graphene. It is simply a marketing gimmick and many people don’t know the difference. The speed, the lower temperatures and the lifespan are only unique to graphene.

Looking Toward Tomorrow

When graphene technology is fully matured, it could mean a world of difference not only for mobile phones and laptops, but even electric cars, electric planes and grid energy storage. Graphene has the power to change material science and engineering as we know it.

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