The Future of Batteries is Here

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The benefits of graphene have always been an exciting prospect. But when you hear about actually putting it to use, the news points to the future and not the present.

Here at Real Graphene, we are putting graphene into action today. The future is happening now and we’re ready to charge your phone at lightning speed.  Our CEO, Samuel Gong explains, “People always think graphene is a thing of the future, but I’m here to correct them. It’s here now.”

So, what exactly is a graphene battery? It is a superfast charging battery that lasts longer than its non-graphene counterparts, all while emitting lower temperatures during charging.

Let’s look more at what this means for the consumer. Currently, most phone batteries need roughly 90 minutes to recharge. With a 60 Watt charging brick, a Real Graphene battery can take as little as 50 minutes. One might think that would exhaust the battery, but a graphene battery can outlast any typical phone battery. A Real Graphene battery will last up to a whopping 1500 charge cycles. This blows away all other phone batteries which normally last only 300-500 charge cycles.

Wondering how we are able to bring this superfast charging battery to life? At Real Graphene, we mix the graphene solution with lithium as well as add a sheet-like composite layer in the lithium battery. The graphene acts as a near perfect electricity conductor, which allows for a much slower heating process. This in turn, creates a graphene battery that can charge up to five times faster than a normal phone battery.

We are already shipping orders of our power banks and Real Graphene is ready to scale. Like we said, the future is here and we could easily fulfill a limited run of 100,000 units. If we were to ink a deal with a major phone manufacturer, you can expect about a year of ramp-up production before hitting the market.

What’s next for Real Graphene? Look out for our crowdfunding campaign to support two new battery packs:

  1. The G-100 – a 10,000mAh cell with 3 charging ports. Allows a recharge in as little as 20 minutes with a separate 100w charging brick. Expected price: $90 plus $15 for the 100w brick
  2. The G-100 Max Power Pack – has a 20,000 cell inside and charges in 40 minutes. Expected price: TBD

Both the future and the present remain exciting for graphene battery technology. According to Gong, “We create a battery that can charge superfast, is very cool, and has a long lifetime in terms of cycle charges.” And there is no shortage of people looking for a faster way to charge their devices.

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