The Anatomy of a Graphene Battery

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It is our privilege at Real Graphene to provide a safer, faster and long-lasting charging battery. Our secret ingredient is of course, the “supermaterial” known as graphene. We use a propriety method to create the graphene we use in our batteries. You may be wondering, how we are able to build this superfast charging battery? We’d like to give you a glimpse inside what makes a Real Graphene battery.

It All Starts With…Lithium?

The batteries that are used to charge your smartphone are lithium. Lithium batteries are great and an industry standard. We aren’t re-inventing the wheel by starting with a lithium battery. It’s the next step that changes everything. By adding graphene to the lithium, we’ve created a superfast charging battery that charges up to five times faster than a regular lithium battery. We add the graphene to the lithium in two distinct ways. First, we mix our graphene solution directly with the lithium. Secondly, we add a thin composite layer on top of the battery. These two graphene enhancements create major changes in how the lithium battery performs.

What’s Inside?

A Real Graphene battery consists of many parts. We start with a tempered glass shell above the metal plate. Inside the device, you’ll find a wireless charging coil and the graphene composite battery. Outside is aluminum alloy. There you’ll find our display counter. Next to it are two type A USB ports, plus a micro USB type B port for charging. There’s also a micro USB type C port for both charging and discharging.

At Real Graphene, we recognize what a major breakthrough our batteries are to the charging world. However, phone charging is just the beginning. We are already envisioning and working to create graphene batteries for smartphones themselves, laptops, smart-watches and even golf carts. The future is already underway at Real Graphene.

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