Real Graphene on the Android Authority Podcast

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Real Graphene has brought one of the first graphene batteries to market and people are taking notice. There has been a fair amount of industry buzz, excited to check out our battery and see if it delivers on all of the promises we make.

There are a handful of companies out there claiming to already provide graphene enhanced batteries. But in reality, they are actually delivering graphite batteries. Graphene certainly comes from graphite, but graphite itself is three dimensional. Graphene is two dimensional. This means graphite enhanced batteries are definitely not the same as graphene. In fact, they are not able to offer any of the speed, temperature control and lifespan that a Real Graphene battery can.

This is why all eyes are on us, as we bring a true superfast charging battery to market. Our CEO Samuel Gong, sat down with the team at the Android Authority Podcast to talk about our revolutionary graphene battery.

Android Authority Podcast

We were thrilled to be invited on the Android Authority Podcast. Gong sat down with host Adam who had been using our Real Graphene battery to try it out.

After using and reviewing our graphene battery, Adam states while he was a little surprised by the weight of the power bank, he couldn’t believe how fast it actually helped charge his smartphone. Most phone battery charges take up to a couple hours to go from zero to one hundred, while our graphene battery charges smartphones in under 50 minutes. Adam explains, “The real benefit to this thing is [the phone] charged from 25% to 100% in 45 minutes. It was actually really insane.”

Gong adds, “The updated model will actually have a more efficient chip so we’ll bring that time down even more.”

There was even more excitement in the room when Gong revealed that the upcoming model will be a 10,000 mAh battery with a 100 Watt charger that will charge your phone in a little over twenty minutes. If that isn’t a superfast charging battery, then I don’t know what is!

One thing Gong was very clear about is that unlike the companies we’ve mentioned above, we use real graphene. It’s not just a buzz word here, it’s our namesake. If you’re looking for a true graphene battery that delivers all of the benefits of graphene, simply add our battery to your cart to experience it for yourself.

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