Real Graphene and Microsoft Power Lunch

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Real Graphene is bringing graphene batteries to the market and everyone is taking notice. Recently, our CEO Samuel Gong had a closed-door meeting with Microsoft President Brad Smith.

Held at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, this was an exciting development for the future of the Real Graphene brand. Many industry leaders were in attendance to discuss a variety of topics in upcoming technology. While we can’t reveal all that was discussed, Gong and Smith had a lengthy conversation about how each views the societal integration of advancing technologies.

After the lunch, talks steered toward the promise of graphene batteries and Real Graphene. We are ready to bring our revolutionary graphene battery technology to the market. Our superfast charging battery means quicker wait times and a longer life-span. Graphene batteries also mean lower temperatures while charging. This will radically impact the battery industry for many years to come.

Graphene is the perfect partner for a lithium battery as it acts as a cooling system. Graphene batteries also guards devices against surges, enhances charging speed and battery life-span.

Graphene is able to conduct heat evenly across the battery, which dramatically helps to increase charge times. No other compound this thin can conduct electricity and heat so perfectly. And no one is more excited about this than us at Real Graphene.

Can graphene batteries be in Microsoft’s future? Currently, our power banks can be used to charge all of Microsoft’s Surface devices. But how much faster could a device charge if a Real Graphene battery was integrated into the Surface devices themselves? Charging speeds would soar, which could prove to be very appealing to the Microsoft consumer. Gong looks forward to continuing talks with Smith on how Real Graphene can be a battery game changer for Microsoft.

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