Lithium Plus Graphene Equals Speed

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Graphene is one of the most exciting scientific discoveries of the last twenty years. It is an extraordinarily bountiful compound for being only one atom thick. Aside from it’s incredible properties, graphene becomes a superpower when paired with other compounds. One of the first ways graphene is being introduced to the public is through its pairing with lithium batteries. Lithium mixed with graphene is a match made in battery heaven. Let’s take a look at how we’ve created a superfast charging battery by combining the powers of both graphene and lithium.

Temperature Control

You may not be aware, but lithium batteries have a few hindering limitations. One of the biggest issues lithium batteries face is heat. As a lithium battery begins to charge, it’s temperature starts to rise. This increases the resistivity of the conductor. The hotter the battery gets, the higher the resistivity climbs. This is how batteries catch fire. The beauty of graphene is how it acts as an ideal heat conductor. When paired with lithium, the electricity flows without any hindrance. This slows down the heating process for the lithium and allows the graphene to act as a cooling system. A cooler battery enables it to do its job to full capacity. Which leads us to our next benefit: speed.


Thanks to the amazing temperature control graphene offers, speed is dramatically increased. Our superfast charging batteries can charge up to five times faster than a regular phone charging battery. Most phones charge in ninety minutes, give or take. Our graphene batteries charge in under fifty minutes!

Graphene has been an absolute game changer when it comes to lithium. From temperature control to speed, graphene and lithium have proven to be a powerful duo that will no doubt change the future of charging.

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