How Graphene Makes a Faster, Cooler, and Safer Battery

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We know many of you are curious about how graphene works and how we utilize it to bring you a faster, cooler and safer charging experience.

Why are current lithium batteries so limited?​

Heat is the number one major cause. As the device begins charging, heat is generated based on resistivity of conductor. Generated heat increases the resistivity of conductor. Since the conductor is hotter, the resistivity is higher which means the device charges even more heat. This creates a positive feedback loop that can spiral out of control and cause the battery to catch on fire.

To prevent this, batteries will regulate the speed of charging but this results in battery charging speeds slowing to a crawl.

What are the benefits of using Graphene composite?

Graphene is a near perfect conductor of electricity. This allows electricity to flow without hindrance. This dramatically slows the heating process lithium batteries face while allowing charging speeds up to 5 times as fast. This also increases the battery life by 5 times the charging cycles.

Graphene also evenly disperses heat acting as a cooling system. Graphene already generates less heat due to extremely low resistivity. But graphene also conducts heat evenly across battery to help cool the battery.


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