Graphene Batteries Are a Major Breakthrough

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Discovered in 2004, graphene has showed immense promise for a faster charging and longer-lasting battery. However, in the fifteen years since it’s discovery, nothing has come to market to fulfill that promise. At Real Graphene, we have made the breakthrough others have patiently been waiting for. We have finally been able to release a consumer level graphene battery for purchase.

Graphene Comes From Graphite

Before we get into how exciting the development of graphene batteries is, it’s important to know exactly where graphene comes from. Graphene’s origins are in graphite, which is used to make lead pencils. Graphite is a 3D arrangement of carbon atoms. When you change the arrangements of the atoms to a 2D structure that is flat, you have graphene. This unlocks incredible physical properties. Only one atom thick, it is over 100x stronger than steel! In fact, only two atomic layers of graphene can be bulletproof. Lastly (and most importantly when it comes to batteries), graphene is the best conductor of electricity and heat known to man.

Real Graphene Delivers

We are proud to say we have beaten everyone to market with our very own graphene battery. Our battery delivers on the charging capabilities graphene has been promising.

Most phone batteries have about 3000mAh, which takes roughly 90 minutes to get a complete charge. With a Real Graphene battery, you can accomplish a full charge in 50 minutes when using a 60 Watt charging brick.

Are Graphene Batteries Safe?

Graphene batteries are so powerful, some may wonder if they are in fact, safe. It may surprise you to learn that graphene batteries are actually safer than a typical phone charging battery. This is because the cell generates much less heat and runs much cooler.

Our CEO Samuel Gong explains, “Graphene is an amazing conductor of heat and electricity. Lithium doesn’t like it when you put a lot of energy in and when you take energy out. We’ve applied graphene in two different ways. We mix it in the solution with lithium. Plus, we’ve added a composite layer, like a sheet of it, in the lithium battery. It acts like a conductor and doesn’t generate as much heat.”

The wait is over. Graphene batteries are here and they are safe. At Real Graphene, we are honored and thrilled to share the power of graphene batteries with the world.

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